“Like falling in love on the beach at Coney Island in the 50's.” (BalconyTV)  Born in the US territory of Guam, Sonia Barcelona is a singer/songwriter of Indian & Filipino decent, now living in the melting pot of Las Vegas, NV. Creating an authentic sound, she expresses her thoughts on love, adulthood, and life, with pure honesty. Intermixing foot-tapping melodies with bossa nova inspired rhythms, one can easily fall in love while playing her soundtrack. She has released her debut Songs On a Shelf solo EP. 

Besides music she also has her own boutique on Etsy, is a photographer by trade, and paints (most of her merch is hand-painted).

Sonia is sponsored by Gibson Guitars and plays a Gibson Thunderbird & Gibson M2. Her latest single release, "WHATEVER," was created on a two channel looper in her bedroom where she also filmed, directed, & edited the Official Video. Find her music on all major platforms.